Save on Lighting Communal Areas

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We are bringing a new type of light for lighting communal areas in block of flats, houses and any places where frequent switching, low energy consumption and long life are required. Clasical fixture with state of the art Bright Engine® LED technology. Bright Engine® technology utilizes the high illuminance efficiency of LEDs combined with driverless connection directly to the mains supply. The weakest ling of any LED system is no longer there. Bright Engine® module is fitted in a classical luminaire that is widely used in corridors, stairs and any other spaces where there is frequent ON/OFF switching making it the ideal solution. Main advantages are low power consumption of only 8W replacing 60 W bulb and a very long life. Led can be switched frequently so using it with a motion sensor maximizes the savings. Driverless connection to the mains with the Bright-E® technology further extends the useful life up to 70 000 hours. There are no capacitors and transformers, the main causes of failures. LED modul je is fixed to the fixture so it cannot be stolen as is the case with a standard LED bulb.

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