Omnio Series Z

Suspended Ceiling Panel


  • Suspended LED luminaires for interior lighting
  • Suitable for frequent switching
  • Dimmable

Features / Specifications

  • Lifetime 50,000 hours
  • Colour temperature 3000K, 4000K
  • Colour rendering CRI 85
  • Efficiency 92 %
  • Protection category IP 44
  • Energy Rating A+
  • Warranty 5 years


  • Frame made from anodised aluminum
  • The housing – sheet steel RAL 9006
  • Suspension – adjustable steel cable


  • MICRO – P clear in colour,
    PMMA clear in colour / microprisma

Light Source

  • Bright Engine® LED modules
  • Direct drive from 240V – no power supply needed
  • Protection against damage caused by electrostatic discharge
  • DALI option available for intelligent light control

TypePower [W]A x B [mm]Diffuser MICRO P 3000KDiffuser MICRO P 4000K
Z104 ATYP*26151 x 435BP026AOZ104MCP3BP026AOZ104MCP4
Z105 ATYP*39151 x 571BP039AOZ105MCP3BP039AOZ105MCP4
Z107 ATYP*52151 x 719BP052AOZ107MCP3BP052AOZ107MCP4
Z108 ATYP*65151 x 861BP065AOZ108MCP3BP065AOZ108MCP4
TypePower [W]A x B [mm]Diffuser MICRO P 3000KDiffuser MICRO P 4000K
Z20220274 x 274BP020AOZ202MCP3BP020AOZ202MCP4
Z20513293 x 568BP013AOZ205MCP3BP013AOZ205MCP4
Z20520293 x 568BP020AOZ205MCP3BP020AOZ205MCP4
Z207 ATYP*58.5274 x 776BP058AOZ207MCP3BP058AOZ207MCP4
Z21126293 x 1,113BP026AOZ211MCP3BP026AOZ211MCP4
Z21140293 x 1,113BP040AOZ211MCP3BP040AOZ211MCP4
TypePower [W]A x B [mm]Diffuser MICRO P 3000KDiffuser MICRO P 4000K
Z50526558 x 568BP026AOZ505MCP3BP026AOZ505MCP4
Z50540568 x 568BP040AOZ505MCP3BP040AOZ505MCP4

* Not a standard product. Contact CIT International for availability.

Bright Engine® panels are being continually developed and the parameters above may change without prior notice. For current parameters and prices contact CIT International.