with Microwave Motion Sensor

Product Specification


High power LED high bay light, using high brightness LED chip, high transmission radiator, lamp shade adjusting beam angle. It can be used in energy-intensive applications.
This product is equipped with a Microwave Motion Sensor. When somebody/something is close to the detection zone, the light turns on automatically. Dimming can be adjusted to a specified brightness and totally turn off at a stated time. Furthermore, with insufficient ambient light, the sensor will switch ON. It effectively solves the industrial electricity wastage.

Technical Data

Luminance Distribution

Integrating Sphere Test
Illuminance Diagram

LH200AY404008 – MMS

LH200AY404012 – MMS


Microwave Motion Sensor Introduction

  • Wide detection area, range up to 16m in diameter and mounting height up to 15 m. Suitable for warehouse use.
  • Special clip for easy installation. To be fixed to the high bay.
  • The Microwave motion sensor is innovative and active motion detector with HF system at 5.8GHz. Motion can be detected through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials up to the mounting height of 15 m maximum.
Microwave Motion Sensor Technical Data

Dimming Function

With sufficient ambient light, the sensor does not switch on the High Bay Light.

With insufficient ambient light, the sensor switches on the High Bay Light when motion is detected.

After hold time, the sensor dims the High Bay Light to a low light level if there is no new motion trigger.

After standby period, the sensor switches off the High Bay Light if no motion is detected in its detection zone.

Detection Pattern

Ceiling mounting pattern (Unit: m)


By selecting the combination on the DIP switch, sensor data can be precisely set for each specific application.
If use Sensor ON/OFF Function, only need to adjust 1-4 switch.
If use Sensor ON/OFF Function, also with Dimming Function, adjusting 5-12 switch.

Detection Area

Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to precisely fit each application.

Hold Time

Refers to the time period the lamp remains at 100% illumination after no motion detected.

Standby Period

Refers to the time period the lamp remains on at a low light level before it completely switches off in the long absence of people.When set to Disable mode, the low light is maintained until motion is detected.

Standby Dimming Level

The low light level you would like to have after the hold time in the long absence of people.

Daylight Sensor

The sensor can be set to only allow the lamp to illuminate below a defined ambient brightness threshold.
When set to Disable mode, the daylight sensor will switch on the lamp when motion is detected regardless of ambient light level.
200lux: twilight operation
50lux, 30lux: darkness operation only.
Note that the daylight sensor is active only when lamp totally
switches off.

  • Adopts single LED module source design, high thermal conductivity, low lumens depreciation and uniform light colour
  • High PFC, Long lifespan >50000 hours, low carbon and lead free
  • Resistance to fluctuation
  • Protection with short circuit, over current, over voltage and over temperature
  • 100% full capacity aging testing
  • Instant start-up
  • Excellent appearance design, easy installation, easy disassembly and wide application
  • Further costs and electricity savings with Microwave Motion Sensor switch function
  • Application
    Only for indoor use, such as workshop, warehouse, toll station, supermarket, exhibition hall, gymnasium and other indoor illumination places.
    Not suitable for outdoor and places with high dust, high oil, inflammable or where low noise levels are required.
    Power / Time

    Separately package between LED high bay light body(PART.A)and lamp shade (PART.B).

    PART A :
    30.0×24.5×35.5cm (1pcs/Box)
    50.0×31.5×37.5cm (2Box/ctn)

    80° PART B :
    44.5×44.5×42.0cm (20pcs/ctn)
    120° PART B : 52.5×52.5×29.0cm (20pcs/ctn)

    Installation Method

    Function Indicator Diagram

    Pic. 1 Shade Installation

    Pic. 2 Hook Installation

    Pic. 2 Screw Installation

    Pic. 4 Microwave Motion Sensor Installation

    Pic. 5 Open Spring

    Pic. 6 Spring Installation

    Pic. 7 Fixing Screw

    Pic. 8 Finish
    1. Lamp shade Installation: Firstly loose the screws ①②③④, set the lamp shade hole ③④⑤⑥ correspondingly to the four screws, then spin the lamp shade anticlockwise to assure it, tighten the bolts finally; (as Pic. 1)
    2. Hook Installation: Screw the hook into hole clockwise ①. (as Pic. 2)
    3. Install the protection screw: Screw M4*16 into hole ②, assure tighten it well. (as Pic. 3)
    4. The finished installation is shown in Pic.4
    Installation Caution
  • Installation should be done by professional electricians.
  • Please make sure all power is turned off before installation completed.
  • Please ensure the power supply wire grounding is normal.
  • Please ensure the hook tighten well.
  • When connecting wires, don’t make any frictions or drop off the product, otherwise will cause damage.
  • Be sure to install the lights correctly, the power cord bare wire must be connected with insulation protection.
  • When connecting wires, should clearly know Neutral wire , Earth wire and Live wire to assure safety. After examination, switch on.
  • Don‘t cover anything on or touch the emitting section and the heat sink during lighting.
  • The luminairies should be positioned so that prolonged staring into the luminaries at a distance closer than 3 m is not expected.
  • Luminaries has two degrees of protection provided: IP65 for LED module part, IP20 for other parts.
  • Power Supply Connection

    1. If the Power cord of this luminaries is damaged it must only be replaced by the qualified engineer in order to avoid a hazard.
    2. The light source contained in this luminaires must only be replaced by the
      qualified engineer
    3. A wiring device shall be provided for connection to a branch circuit. The wiring device shall be rated for the temperature, voltage, and current encountered during normal operation.
      For Example
      — 3 PIN Screw less terminals
      — Rated voltage 250V
      — Rated connecting capacity 1.5-2.5mm2
      — Conductors be tinned
      — If necessary please provide the wiring compartment for the terminal block
    Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    Troubleshooting (only qualified engineers should disassemble the lamp)
    Fault finding and solutions: During inspection, look for any signs of colour changes or damage at the LED source, any obvious breakage of connections, loose power supply connections, any short circuit, any obvious damage condition. Please replace with new LED source or driver if fault found.

    Guarantee Clause

    Product Guarantee

    CIT International guarantee within 5 years from delivering to customers, we will be responsible for repair and replacement, if any conditions such as not bright or flicker of LED source under right preservation, installation, usage and maintenance.

    Disclaimer and Limitation

    1. Under any circumstances, any quality problems compensation should be within the guarantee period.
    2. The product guarantee does not include: Product damage caused by.
      2.1 The negligence of storage, transportation or improper handling.
      2.2 Incorrect operation or not proper usage of product.
      2.3 Any damage caused by repair or modifications from unauthorized person.
      2.4 Caused by the forces of nature, irresistible factors of product damage, such as Earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, floods, lightning, heavy snow, war, etc
    3. If the product serial number has been changed, altered or blur, it will no longer enjoy the corresponding guarantee.
    4. This guarantee is not responsible for repair or replacement of the transport, customs clearance fee.


    Correct Disposal of this product. This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.
    LED High Bays are being continually developed and the parameters above may change without prior notice. For current parameters and prices contact CIT International.