Microwave Motion Sensor

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New Microwave Motion Sensor is now available for our 120W, 150W, 180W, 200W and 230W High Bays. The sensor can be programmed for ON/OFF function only or dimming can be added. Dimming is useful, for example, for taking into account the changes in ambient light from skylights and windows giving further energy savings.

Available lamp shades


Microwave Motion Sensor Technical Data

Dimming Function

With sufficient ambient light, the sensor does not switch on the High Bay Light.

With insufficient ambient light, the sensor switches on the High Bay Light when motion is detected.

After hold time, the sensor dims the High Bay Light to a low light level if there is no new motion trigger.

After standby period, the sensor switches off the High Bay Light if no motion is detected in its detection zone.

Detection Pattern

Ceiling mounting pattern (Unit: m)


By selecting the combination on the DIP switch, sensor data can be precisely set for each specific application.
If use Sensor ON/OFF Function, only need to adjust 1-4 switch.
If use Sensor ON/OFF Function, also with Dimming Function, adjusting 5-12 switch.

Detection Area

Detection area can be reduced by selecting the combination on the DIP switches to precisely fit each application.

Hold Time

Refers to the time period the lamp remains at 100% illumination after no motion detected.

Standby Period

Refers to the time period the lamp remains on at a low light level before it completely switches off in the long absence of people.When set to Disable mode, the low light is maintained until motion is detected.

Standby Dimming Level

The low light level you would like to have after the hold time in the long absence of people.

Daylight Sensor

The sensor can be set to only allow the lamp to illuminate below a defined ambient brightness threshold.
When set to Disable mode, the daylight sensor will switch on the lamp when motion is detected regardless of ambient light level.
200lux: twilight operation
50lux, 30lux: darkness operation only.
Note that the daylight sensor is active only when lamp totally
switches off.

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