We are CIT International.

The company was established in 1995 in Great Britain with the aim to supply quality LED lighting systems.

Who we are.

The company was established in 1995 in Great Britain.Our goal has always been to supply the best possible LED lights using the latest technology and quality components and materials. We recognized that we needed to design, manufacture and supply the finished product ourselves if we wanted to guarantee the highest quality and value for money. We therefore formed a close partnership with ADG Group, Vimpex Group, Omnio and CIT International.


ADG Group provides technical services to our customers .
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Vimpex Group is our European manufacturing partner.
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Omnio is the marketing arm building the brand identity.
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CIT International is our European distribution partner.
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The life of any LED light system is governed by good LED driving, efficient heat management and selection of quality components and materials. We design the LED lighting systems ourselves to ensure that all the above criteria are met. We use Bright Engine® LED modules.


Our Omnio range of luminaires is manufactured in European Union by our partner Vimpex Group. Good quality control, sound manufacturing processes and good lead times ensure that our lights achieve the quality for which it was designed.


Our Bright Engine® based luminaires are marketed under the Omnio brand. The Omnio product range includes panels, tubes, strips and custom lights. There is an option for dimming using commercial dimmers or for intelligent control using the DALI interface.


ADG group provides the technical support from the initial consultation, complete light calculations, luminaire selection, project documentation to arranging the installation where necessary. Post sales support is provided to deal with any issues.

How we work.

Design and Manufacture.
We design and manufacture our LED lights in order to provide our customers with the best possible lighting solutions. We only use top quality LEDs and materials. Our main strength is in having perfected the LED driving that has the main bearing on life and efficiency.

T echnical Support.
Finding the right solutions to achieve the correct light levels and conform to current norms can be daunting. We therefore provide complete service from the initial consultation, lighting study and the most suitable luminaires selection and complete light calculations to full project documentation.

A fter Sale Service.
We ship the product from our European warehouse and achieve the given delivery lead times in 95% of cases. We are able to give generous warranty because all stages in the chain from design, manufacture and shipping are under our control.